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Located in the historical center of the US Entertainment Industry, the Hollywood WorkSource Center serves over 20,000 unique clients annually, and offers a myriad of programs and services to job seekers and local businesses in the Central Planning Region of the City of Los Angeles, a service area with a population of over 1.5 million residents of the City’s 4 million residents.

For Job Seekers:
Clients gain access to and participate in programs and training necessary to secure employment with a career path to self-sufficiency. Job seekers are offered career counseling, job placement assistance, resume workshops, job search assistance and training, as well as labor market information.

Job seekers can search for employment and create resumes and cover letters in our computer lab.  We have 18 computers that are ready for job search. Resume wizards are available for easy access to resume templates, in addition to a variety of products designed to assist job seekers in finding employment and increasing basic skills to enhance their competitiveness for jobs. This includes keyboarding software and basic computer classes at no cost taught by Los Angeles City College teachers. We also have limited funding to assist individuals interested in pursuing occupational skills training in targeted high-demand careers. Finally, job seekers can access CalJobs, an EDD job search program that is up to date with current job leads.

Furthermore, our center offers assistive technology for persons with disabilities. We have a raised computer table to accommodate standard wheelchairs and a TTY line, with all public access areas having ADA accessibility. Computer software includes JAWS, Wynn Reader and Wynn Wizard, as well as Dragon Naturally Speaking.  Our staff are certified in Legacy Disability Services by the City of Los Angeles, and full-time EDD staff are available to assist job seekers with questions and inquiries regarding re-entry into the workforce.

For Businesses:
For businesses we are able to enter job openings into CalJOBs, a Statewide search engine that is administered by the EDD.  Other services include: Information on Earned Income Tax Credits and Empowerment Zones, assistance with prescreening potential employees and conducting onsite recruitments, provision of Labor Market Information, and finally, advice and consultation to small businesses about microenterprise training.

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