MCS operates employment and training services centers for clients receiving general relief assistance by the County of Los Angeles. These General Relief Opportunities for Work (GROW) Job Club Centers, located in the City of Los Angeles-Wilshire Center and the City of Alhambra, serve eligible participants with obtaining jobs to attain economic self-sufficiency.  MCS GROW Centers serve various communities of the Central Region of the City of LA, as well as the Cities of Pasadena, Alhambra, and Glendale.

Services We Offer
Upon coming to our GROW Job Club Center you will receive an orientation and then you will meet with you Case Manager to discuss your next steps. Attendance is mandatory before aid is approved for employable applicants.

Job Skills Preparation Class
You will then be enrolled in a three week Job Skills Preparation Class. This consists of a one-week workshop and two weeks of directed job search activities. You will learn job-seeking techniques, such as resume/application completion, mock interviews, etc. You will also develop job leads, schedule interviews, network and use phone banks set up for calling prospective employers, expand job search and employer contacts, and receive continued support and connection with the program once employed.  These activities are designed to motivate you, build self-esteem and self-confidence, improve self-image while developing workplace skills.
Individuals who remain unemployed after the Job Skills Preparation Class will be assigned to professional vocational assessors who will evaluate what you need to obtain a job. The result of assessment is an agreed upon employment plan and 20 hours per week of activities needed to achieve the employment goal. These activities will be selected from education/training, intensive case management or work experience.  If needed, they may also include, as part of the 20 hours per week, participation in supportive services programs.

Fastrak is a four-week class for participants returning to GROW and those age 50 and above.  Fastrak activities consist of workshops addressing job readiness, criminal history, referrals to free community resources, interview and preparation for available government employment opportunities, advanced training in soft skills, targeted job search with referrals to employers and employment counseling.