MCS seeks to: provide economic empowerment and proactive quality employment services to all job seekers and partner employers; assist individuals with multiple barriers secure employment in high-growth industry sectors based on real-time labor market information; and aid entrepreneurs and small business grow and develop. economic empowerment.



MCS believes that workforce, economic, and community development work in lockstep to secure regional economic community and individual prosperity.


Core Goals:

Personalized Case Management: assist job-seekers find and maintain gainful employment based on their education, work history and interest.

Reduce and Remove Barriers: provide resources to help participants overcome significant barriers to employment and employment retention.

Open Door Policy: provide all participants with resources and services or provide a warm hand-off to experienced partner agencies.

Special Population Priority of Service: MCS programs are open to all eligible participants. Special programs and services are available for: Veterans and eligible spouses; individuals with limited English proficiency; homeless; individuals at risk of homeless; persons with disability; CalWorks recipients; transgender or gender non-conforming individuals; seniors (55+); disconnected youth (18-24) and individuals with previous justice-involvement.